Our firm, DANUBIUS spol. s r.o. (Private Limited Company) wants to be and to be considered a stable and trustworthy partner on the Western Slovakia and regional food markets. Our goal is to act as a partner to the discerning customer who is primarily interested in product quality. The company’s vision is to become a strong, respected and recognised company on the market.

Our firm, DANUBIUS spol. s r.o. is concerned about the environment and, for this reason, regulates its activities to minimise harm inflicted on the planet and the environment. This led to the gradual introduction of paper bags and the levy of charges on their plastic counterparts despite the measure being – the least to say – controversial among our customers. We also endure to promote healthy style of living. For this reason, our company offers only high quality products of which the customers can always choose the one(s) that fit(s) their individual needs the best.

If a company aims to successfully do business, their most important activities also need to come from respect for their suppliers and the community. We choose our suppliers with much care and put a lot of effort into both our new and our longstanding business relations to ensure that satisfaction is the first priority for both sides.

        DANUBIUS spol. s r.o. is here for you since “1991”


The firm DANUBIUS spol. s r.o. produces meats and meat products in compliance with strict hygiene standards which ensure the products are free of health risks. The applied standards incorporate preventive measures as well as strict control measures applied to finished products.

Our quality management system certified to comply with internationally recognised ISO norms has already been implemented for several years. These norms are followed by the entire company from the procurement of raw materials through processing and production up to the transportation of finished products to our outlets.


Our firm has over 160 different meat products in its product range. We are also constantly striving to transform new ideas into products that help satisfy our customers’ needs.