Sought-for and popular products for everyday consumption. Produced using quality meat with the quality spiceries and added substances. Most frankfurters are filled into natural intestines (pig, cattle). Latest date of consumption – 5 days from the date of production, when stored at +4 °C. Optionally, all the products can be packed into hygienic wrappings, weighing 2 kg, in a protective atmosphere (PA). Advantage – extended durability, better storability. FP – Family packing, in PE bags, a pack weighing appr. 1 kg.. 

Ordinary Frankfurters
Bratislava Frankfurters
BBQ sausage
Mexican sausage
Slovak salami
Cheese Frankfurters
Debrecen sausage
Student Frankfurters
Hot Frankfurters
Komárnansky slimák
Presovsky kabanos
Child Frankfurters
Vienna Frankfurters

Saveloy, packed in PA
Ordinary Frankfurters, packed in PA
Bratislava Frankfurters, packed in PA
Mexican sausage, packed in PA
BBQ sausage, packed in PA
Slovak salami, packed in PA
Cheese Frankfurters, packed in PA
Debrecen sausage, packed in PA
Student Frankfurters, packed in PA
Hot Frankfurters, packed in PA
Sausage-Komárnansky slimák, packed in PA
Presovsky kabanos, packed in PA
Child Frankfurters, packed in PA
Vienna Frankfurters, packed in PA

Saveloy, FP
Ordinary Frankfurters, FP
Bratislava Frankfurters, FP
Mexican sausage, FP
BBQ sausage, FP
Cheese Frankfurters, FP
Debrecen sausage, FP
Student Frankfurters, FP
Hot Frankfurters, FP
Child Frankfurters, FP


Produced using quality meat and selected spiceries and added substances. All products are filled into synthetic wrappings of different kind, which ensure extended durability and lossless storability. Latest date of consumption is 21 days from the date of production, when stored at +4°C.

Ham sausage
Zitava salami
Rapid bologna

Trotters cold cuts
Luncheon meat
Garlic cold cuts

Danube cold cuts
Bologna with red pepper
Party salami with cheese


Ham sausage 300g
Party salami with cheese 300g
Luncheon meat 400g
Bologna mini
Trotters cold cuts mini
Bologna mini
Garlic cold cuts mini
Cingovská salami mini
Hot salami mini


A group of products prepared using selected pork and beef. Each product has a distinctive savouriness. Typical feature of these products is extended durability, which is earned through the composition of raw materials, reduced water containment, and with the use of special wrappings. Komárno hot-sausage (komárnanská pikantná klobása) is an exculsive product which we produce according to our own special recipe. Latest date of consumption is 15 days from the date of production when stored at room temperature.

Inovecká dry salami
Turist dry salami

Čingovská saláma

Chilli salami
Pirate salami


Products made from specially treated pork, conserved by a salting mix and through smoking. Concerning boned smoked-meat extended durability is ensured by means of cooking and vacuum packaging into shrinkable PE wrappings, some of the products are smoked with hot fume. Latest date of consumption is 15 days from the date of production when stored at +4 °C.

Portioned smoked ham (pork)
Boned pastrami
Smoked scrolled shoulders
Gammon with rind
Boned Smoked flitch
Smoked delicacy flitch

Unboned Smoked Rear knuckle
Smoked rib neck-chop
Smoked legs
Smoked pork tongue
Smoked delicacy chop

Orava bacon (Oravská slanina)
Smoked cattle tongue
Unboned Smoked knuckle
Smoked side-rib
Smoked delicacy ham


Products of high quality prepared using special high-quality meat, mainly pork. Special spiceries and added substances are used during production. Most of these products is provided in vacuum packaging (shrinkable PE wrappings), which guarantee extended durability. Latest date of consumption is 21 days from the date of production, when stored at +4°C.

Smoked stuffed tenderloin
Trotters dainty
Peppery jowl

Komárno hot sausage
Komárno hot sausage THICK
Delicacy sausage
Mexican flitch

Hot salami
Ordinary salami
Diabolic sausage
Diabolic sausage THICK


Decorated flitch
Debrecen roast


Standard ham
Smoked Gold ham
Selected ham


Heat treatment of the main raw materials as well as the product is typical for this group. Carefully selected raw materials and natural spiceries are used in the production process. Classical domestic pig slaughter specialities are also produced seasonally. Natural wrappings or PE-wrappings are used. Latest date of consumption is from 3 to 15 days based on the product type, when storing at +4 °C.

Ham mousse
Blood pudding
Liverwurst in tinfoil
Domestic minced meat
Ham sausage in jelly
Bologna in jelly

Pig slaudhter squash
Domestic minced meat mini
Smoked brawn


Domestic pig-fat and other products are acquired through the classic method of rendering bacon in cauldrons, where the original flavour of domestic lard is preserved. Packaging – in PE cups. Latest date of consumption of lard is 6 months from the date of production when stored at +7 °C the most, of greaves spread 30 days.

Bacon with rind
Domestic lard 500g
Bacon Gazdovská
Greaves fat 500g
Greaves spread 200g


Among the advantages of this product group are extended durability, hygiene in production, also in distribution. These serve excellently during holidays or at home for everyday snacks. VPS – Vacuum-packed sliced in PE bags, a pack weighing appr. 100 gr. VPW – Vacuum-packed whole portions in PE bags, a pack weighing appr. 300 gr. Latest date of consumption based on the product type is 15 days from the date of production, when stored at +4°C.

Ham sausage VPS
Rapid bologna VPS
Bologna with red pepper VPS
Standard ham VPS
Debrecen roast VPS
Cingovská salami VPS
Inovecká Dry salami VPS
Turist dry salami VPS
Trotters cold cuts VPS
Ordinary salami VPS
Hot salami VPS
Party salami with cheese VPS

Orava bacon VPS
Bacon VPS
Smoked delicacy chop VPS
Smoked decorated flitch VPS
Stuffed flitch VPS
Bologna VPS
Garlic cold cuts VPS
Luncheon meat VPS
Nitran dry salami VPS
Malokarpatská salami VPS
Caba salami VPS

vakuove balenie


Specially treated portioned meat, with protective oxygen-atmosphere packings, hygienic wrappings suitable for selling in places, where there is no possibility for selling joint meat. Latest date of consumption is 6 days from the date of production, when stored at temperatures from +2°C to +4°C. Weight of each individual packing is appr. 1kg.g.

VÁKUOVO BALENÉ MÄSO2Boned beef frontal – chuck PA
Boned beef round PA
Unboned chop PA
Ham (pork) – scarves PA
Boned pork shoulders PA
Boned scrag-end PA
Lean mincemeat BCH (pork) PA,
Unboned scrag-end PA
Unboned flitch without skin PA
Mincemeat BVBK (pork) PA