For customers properly equipped for further meatprocessing, we offer half pigs, front halves of pigs, and beef quarters. Latest date of consumption – days from the date of production, stored at 5 °C

  1. Head and jowl – Suitable for cooking and for brawn.
  2. Shoulder – Good for steaming and baking. Excellent for ragout and goulash.
  3. Front and rear knuckle – Good for cooking, baking, steaming, but best for BBQ.
  4. Scrag end – Good for baking and roasting.
  5. Chop – Good for steaming, baking, BBQ and for frying.
  6. Flitch – Meat, infiltrated with fat, suitable for steaming, cooking, baking, and for sausages.
  7. Ham – Excellent for steak, steaming and baking.